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Spiral wire binding is an economical mechanical binding method that acts like its more expensive cousin Wire-O. Thus most advantages of Wire-O binding also applies to spiral wire binding except page registration. When laying out a spiral wire job, carefully plan crossover images because pages “step-up” as they are opened.

Pages lay flat & stay flat
The most economical solutionin wire binding
Great for very long runs
Opens 360°, back to back

Technical Tips
5 holes per inch (5:1), used for books 5/16”or thinner
4 holes per inch (4:1), used for books between 3/8” to 5/8”
3 holes per inch (3:1), used for books thicker than 5/8”, but 1 1/8” or less
Binds books up to 1 1/8" thick & 20" wide in binding edge
Round hole pattern
Available Wire Color: white only

Common Uses
Appointment books
Reference materials

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