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How to Create Custom Calendars?

If you want to stay off the beaten track and want to create something new of your own, we can give you step by step directions to ease your custom calendar project. Just answer the following questions. When finished, you will have all the answers for creating your own custom calendars. Here’s how it works.

1. How many colors will there be in your calendars?
4 colors (full color), 2 colors, 1 color
Usually, images are printed in 4 colors and the grid in 2 colors.

2. How many pages will there be?
Daily, Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly, Yearly and any extra page, such as cover, info sheet....
13 sheets (with cover) monthly calendars are the most popular.y

3. Who will do the artwork? You or us?
Artwork can be done by you ,somebody you appoint, or simply chosen from our existing calendar grids.
Generally, the customers supply the artwork.

4. Paper choice for cover & inside?
Specifying paper stocks for calendars may be too daunting considering various options available.
However the following is a good starting point for you.


Format Notebook Planner Desktop Economy Standard Deluxe Premium
Cover 12pt cover 12pt cover 8pt cover 80# cover 100# cover 100# cover 10pt cover
Inside 50# opaque 60# opaque 8pt cover 80# text 100# text 80# cover 10pt cover
Papers are measured in their weights, not by thickness.

5. Any finishing touch?
UV, Varnishing, Aqueous or Film lamination either on the cover or inside sheets. Die Cutting or Foil Stamping for extra bang.
Format Varnish Aqueous Film Lamination UV Coating Die Cutting Foil Stamping
Purpose Protection Fancier Protection Durability Extra Shine Shapes Metallic Finish
Cost Low Medium High High High High
Finish Gloss / Matte Gloss / Satin Gloss Gloss / Matte Shapes Embossing / Debossing

6. How do you want to bind your calendars?
Here are some calendar binding suggestions.
Format Stapled Spiral Jewel Case Wire-O Wire-O Skip Easel Tent Wire-O Hanger
Quality Economic Standard Desktop Elegant Design Freedom Unique Ultimate
Cost Low Modest Modest Medium Medium High High

7. What size do you want your calendar to be?

Since we use large sheets when printing, there is optimum size with minimal paper waste.
May we suggest the following formats for you to consider? Choose the paper thickness accordingly.
The size of the calendar should be measured closed.

Format CD Easel Desk Mini Economy Standard Deluxe Premium
Size 5" x 5.5" 8.25" x 5.5" 5.875" x 6" 11" x 8.5" 12" x 12" 13.5" x 12.75" 12" x 18"
Cover Paper 8pt cover 8pt cover 80# cover 80# cover 8pt cover 12pt cover 10pt cover
Inside Paper 8pt cover 8pt cover 80# text 80# text 80# text 80# cover 10pt cover
Binding CD case Wire-O Easel Stapled Stapled Stapled Wire-O Wire-O hanger
Equivalent to U800 U900 U460 U450 U150 U200 U700

Now you have finished selecting all the required components.
Just fill in the Quotation Form with your selections, and we will give you the best price we can offer.